Learn expressions

Children learn expressions by mirror neurons. Imitating what they see. Thus we will find that normally the faces and gestures of the children are very similar to those of the parents.

A very important game in children under 3 years. It is working with the mirrors. Thus the child recognizes himself and sees the gestures that he himself is doing. Although these are innate. It is easier if he sees his own face. And he can compare it with that of others.
To work the expressions. It is critical that children feel empathy. Something vital in education. Since if the child does not have it, even if he sees a face of sadness in a friend, he will not feel anything. Since you can not put yourself in his place. We need to make him see the importance of helping others. This will serve you not only for the bad. But when you have someone happy around, the child will feel good.
When we start, we always make 4 faces on a piece of cardboard. And we put a toothpick. Each mask, will have very well marked the factions of each emotion. And so it will be easier for you to recognize each expression from the beginning. Since each one we make them more or less expressive. In this way it will always be the same and with the key points of each one.

We only have the children to learn in English. Something very simple. Since we have very little vocabulary. And it will be just a matter of repeating again and again each of the emotions in English, according to the mask we have made. Once you start to understand it. We leave the faces to the child. And it will be him who has to use them. So we can expose a situation and you have to choose between a mask as it is sad, happy … And of course you will have to tell us in English.


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